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Order expelling PTM leader from North Waziristan illegal: PHC – NtsJobs

PESHAWAR: A Peshawar High Court seat on Thursday put aside the primary request issued under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance (MPO) by the political operator of North Waziristan Agency of removing a pioneer of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) from the district and prohibiting his entrance for three months.

The seat including Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth and Justice Mussarat Hilali acknowledged a writ request of documented by Mohsin Dawar, a backer of the high court who is a key pioneer of PTM, and announced the request of the political operator (now delegate official)/area judge issued on June 7 as unlawful.

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The seat articulated a short request expressing that the point by point purposes behind permitting the writ appeal to would be recorded later.

The applicant had asked for the court to announce as unlawful and illegal the censured arrange issued on June 7 under Section 5 of the West Pakistan Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance (MPO), 1960.

The condemned arrange was the first issued under the MPO after the order of the Constitution (Twenty Fifth Amendment) Act, 2018, through which inborn territories were converged with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Before the merger the MPO was not relevant to Fata.

The upbraided arrange states that the applicant might not enter the breaking points of the office and the request should stay in compel for three months.

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