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CSC Scholarship 2018-2019 Detail – NtsJobs

CSC Scholarship 2018-2019 Detail - NtsJobs

CSC Scholarship 2018-2019 Detail – NtsJobs

CSC Scholarship 2018-2019 for international students pursue Bachelor, Master or a P.hD. the degree course is now open. CSC Scholarships is obtainable in more than 3000 Chinese Universities every year. An online application for CSC Scholarships is a compulsory requirement beside one more University admission application to be relevant for it. Step by step application procedure to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship is explained here:

How to apply for CSC Scholarship?

-Step 1: CSC Scholarship Online Application Form:

Create your profile & CSC scholarship web account

Make separate CSC doorway accounts if you wish to apply to many Universities

Find the agency number of Chinese university where you want to study

Insert agency number of your Chinese University in CSC Scholarships online application form

Select the type of the CSC Scholarship award which you want

Fill your credentials and desired degree course you want in China

Submit your CSC Scholarship online application

CSC Scholarships online application form Download

-Step 2: How to apply for Admission to Chinese University for CSC Scholarships?

Find out if that Chinese University supports CSC Scholarships

Figure out if that Chinese University requires online admission application, application by post or both of these

If they want you to submit online application for admission to that particular Chinese University, then apply online first on their website & attach your CSC Scholarship form in online application system of that University

Fill rest of the admission form and CSC scholarship support form at that particular University site and review your application before submission

Submit your application and make 2 sets of documents and dispatch it to the University address

-Documents Required for CSC Scholarship Application?

  • Please make sure if you can furnish attested copies of degree and transcripts for CSC Scholarships application submission
  • Ask two of your teachers to give you a favor by writing reference letters for you for CSC Scholarship application
  • IELTS certificate or HSK award letter if you have (Both optional), you can also provide a simple certificate stating that your last degree was taught in the English language. It is called English Proficiency certificate that is available from your university
  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor to carry out complete medical examination for CSC Scholarship and then ask your doctor to sign and stamp the form
  • Write a detailed and a notable research plan and state clear reasons that why you want to chose a Chinese University for your next degree?
  • Apply for a passport if you don’t have it now and make sure you have it at the time of submission of your CSC Scholarship application
  • If any particular Chinese University requires an application show or an application course fee then submit it. Print its receipt and attach it to the two sets of your documents listed above
  • It is advised to chose a reliable courier service to send your csc scholarship application documents directly to the address of that Chinese University.
  • The Chinese Government Scholarships sponsors international students once a year in all Chinese Universities
  • You can keep in mind that the deadline for Chinese Scholarship (CSC) varies in all Chinese Universities. So, the rough guess for the time limit of CSC scholarship would be the end of the March.
  • A full analysis of Chinese Government Scholarships was discuss on our site where we answered all your questions before and if you still have any issue then post your questions down below.

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